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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nenek !


Miss me?

I miss u too Mr Bloggy !

Sorry for the long absent of me . too busy with assignment, test, quiz and bla bla blaaa…

Ok nevermind.

Yesterday was Chinese New Year and yeah, Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese out there. Ok, ekhem. The old memories of mine suddenly came to my mind. Hmm hmm ~

Ouuh, just leave it. HIHI :P

So, I have notice that most of UiTM students already get their voucher.

*garu kepala*

Seriously, I don’t know what I want to but with the voucher actually. Its RM250 and I still wondering what I want to buy with that voucher. Anyone gimme some ideas myb ?

I have something to buy but its not a book and it not a gadjet it’s a pendrive. Huhu. But where can I find a bookstore which sells pendrive ?


No ideas? Me to0.

Its only 7 days of holidays and please, im begging that this holidays will be longer than 7 days. 

Is it possible?

Haish !

Many things happen huh? To me?

Well, soooooo much but I couldn’t say it all in here. Its too privacy. 


I am typical human being and juz an ordinary students.

And my age is 20 years old.

Old enough? Ohhh naaaa. Im still young at this age.

*suddenly remember ika introduce her niece and ask her niece to call me Aunty CN?

Omaiigucci !


Ok, talk to much kan?

This is juz an introduction after a long break. I need to bla  bla blaaaa.

Talking talking talking until I get bored.

I can get mad sumtimes, I can heppi than before sumtimes, I can get emotional sumtimes.

Is it a good sign?

Ok stop. Dun give me ur answer. Juz read what im gonna story u later on ..


Next time maybe. If I am a good blogger.

Eventhough no one would read my blog. Pity blogggg ~ sobs. Its all my fault.

Blame me !


See ya !

Assalamualaikum and Take care !

*eh, speaking pulak entry kali nie. sorry for grammar mistakes. Please teach me!

Adi0s !


this, this, look this....

roomates. :')


Kama AllenSpanner said...

Great, brapa lma ag buat blog nid.

Kama AllenSpanner said...

Great, brapa lma ag buat blog nid?