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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Confession ?

Assalamualaikum peeps !

its raining ! calm and comform and yang penting best utk tid0 ! teeetttt~

aku scroll my FB wall and rasa mcm aku post something jiwang.
eh, ye ke?
rasa mcm x ! tapi rasa mcm ya !
one of friends said that i am in love ?
am i ? 
AM I ?

Haha. everyday i am in love.
with my life, my family and my friends.
normal lah kan, orang lain pun mcm tu. and i love my family so much. nothing can replace them.
words cant describe how much i love them.
but somehow, i do make mistakes and i regrets. 
and after all i promise my self that i will do better in my life .
for my family.
number one for me! Maher Zain ~~


siapa yang tak pernah sukakan orang lain.
selain family and friends .
i am love someone.
lepas ni, semester 3 and aku busy. 
nak bercerita. 
aku story sekarang !

i love someone that not perfect.
but he can make me feel perfect.
i not matured enough to talk about love.
yes, i am not talking about love.
everyday, i learn about love.
and i feel love arounds me.
from my family and friends especially.
i am feel those feeling to someone .
we never know each other before.
he can sing very well.
he is garang and tegas.
he is matured and can think wisely.
he cute.
cute enough for me.
he is matured than his age.

yes, he can make me smile.
he can make me sad.
normal ! 
apa yang dah lepas, lepas.
jadikan pengajaran.
dia byk ajarkan dan betulkan bnd yang salah.
aku ikut emosi, dia tak.
aku suka merajuk, dia tak.
aku sensitip, dia kadang-kadang.
aku suka mesej and dia tak.

tapi dia selalu cakap suka mesej aku !
tadaaaa, happy part !
aku rasa aku dah byk mengada !
yes, i am not matured enough . 
thank you.
sometimes, aku rasa aku tak layak sukakan sumone.
itu lah adat.
aku sukakan sumone.
aku sukakan dia.

can i ?
aku harap, 
know someone.
love someone.
get married.
tapi !
ikut masa yang sesuai.
Allah jugak dah tentukan apa yang terbaek untuk kita.
kita hanya merancang, Allah yang tentukan.

aku belajar nak jadi matang everyday.
aku ada komitmen tinggi in my studies.
aku akan buat yang terbaek.
yang penting, kegagalan bukan sebuah pengakhiran.
untuk family. i'll do everything. :)

tomorrow, next day, day by day and all the day i've been going through,
i will be smile eventhouh it is hurts !
i promise my self. and for you to0 !
S.M.I.L.E . :D

last but not least,
i love you, A.

sincerely, ME.

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